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Cloisonne badge is the best quality of enamel badges, and the ones that offer the highest perceived value.

The ancient Chinese art of cloisonne, developed centuries ago in China for decorative purposes. Cloisonne badges are just great for that unique look of bold quality and unsurpassed workmanship. visite more detaisl for The History of Chinese Cloisonne .

cloisonne badge

It can be preserved over 100 years without fading. And only copper metal material can be used for this badge types, because kiln-fired hard enamel requires a high temperature of 1472F centigrade and copper melts at 1985F centigrade. Cloisonne don't have a rich enamel colors as hard enamel or soft enamel. The cliosonne powder colors look like a the enamel under one colorful glass.

Cloisonne need more work process and production times. It's expensive than other customized badge. But it was welcomed by public before. But more and more customer choiced imitation enamel badge as this enamel is cheaper and faster than the tradtional cloisonne.

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